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I started the Nocturnal predators series in 2022. The basic concept of the series started from a previous photo documentation, which dealt with the wave of migration that started in 2015. The location is a dirt road near my place of residence. This part is very close to the border. To this day, refugees try to escape through this route. The deserted stretch of road in itself wouldn't sell anything if it wasn't possible to answer for a few abandoned bad shoes, family photos, sleeping bags. The household items left behind are usually piled up against the electricity poles surrounding the dirt road.

In addition to the fact that my works are strongly influenced by these impressions and observations, this section of the road also means a kind of purification for the refugees. On this deserted stretch of road, I used to run, meditate, and count the columns in the meantime, to break away from my everyday thoughts. In my works, I contrast these two experiences. I installed the artworks at each electricity pole.

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