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The exhibition Outside of Eden will present two projects of Hungarian artists Nóra Szabó and Asztrid Csatlós which were created during their summer residency within the KAIR Kosice Artist in Residence. In both projects, the central theme is transition, the transformation of being and life that metamorphoses. They perceive the influence of time, which causes the erosion of matter, which they subsequently work with, whether on a philosophical or material level. In Asztrid Csatlós’s project, escape is indicated through objects whose aesthetic significance is found in the symbols of departure in world religions. She links these to the current refugee crisis and the loss of home. Nóra Szabó works with the symbol of the cave, using visual play to present a theory of shape recognition, based on images stored in long-term memory. Through the creation of post-human techno fossils, she explores the boundary between the natural and the artificial and between the recognisable and the sensed.

Asztrid Csatlós is a Hungarian artist who works mainly with painting. Her work focuses on the correlations between visual arts and natural sciences, between the present, the past and the future, and on the parallels between fiction and utopia. Her works are often polyphonic, and she likes to combine interdisciplinary work with classical painterly thinking.


The residency and the gallery program are supported using public funding by the Slovak Arts Council. The Slovak Arts Council is the main partner of this project. The projects are also supported by City Košice.

Curator:Tatiana Takáčová

Sopa Gallery, Kosice, SLO

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